Blockbuster: 5 Upcoming Interesting & Small Budget Bollywood Movies You Should Not Miss!


5 Upcoming Interesting & Small Budget Bollywood Movies You Should Not Miss!

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Video details “5 Upcoming Interesting & Small Budget Bollywood Movies You Should Not Miss!”

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  1. Mediocrity survived because of us.
    We can never stop them from existence because there are people who want them time and again: it helps some to kill time. Instead of complaining about the same, go for high content movies, as one of you pointed out. The former will die organically.

  2. Nice video bro, but can you pronounce marathi actors names correct please.
    Last time you pronounced Sachin Khedekar's name as sachin ketkar and in this video you pronounced Mrunal Thakur's name as mrunal thukur.

  3. Can we stop saying 'small budget' movies. The moment u saying small budget u put up a tag it is unworth it is. Rather lets call it 'high content' for small budget and 'low content' for so called high budget movie.

  4. People today are just hating on SRK in every comment section of every reaction channel because SRK was too good too soon. He set the standards too high already that people feel like he is failing to match those same very standards. But in reality, Fan, Raees, Dear Zindagi, and Jab Harry Met Sejal is a testament on SRK's talent as a character actor.

  5. If you did not know SRK has also hosted the hindi versions of Millionaire, Total Wipeout, and Who's smarter than a fifth grader shows on Indian television. Now he is coming up with a hindi version of Tedx Talks for TV. He has also appeared in several old Tv shows like Dil Dariya, Doosra Keval, Ahamaq, Circus and Fauji. You will enjoy Fauji, it is a 13 part series of a life of a military soldier's training days on youtube channel "Rajshri". It is also about friendship, brotherhood and love. Ahamaq is based on Fyodor Dostoevsky's Idiot about an epileptic person who is mistaken to be an idiot.

  6. Please watch these low budget SRK movies and stop spewing venom on one of the best actors ever for god's sake:
    Paheli(Fantasy, folk tale, woman empowerment)
    Dear Zindagi(Slice of life)
    Oh darling yeh hai India(Parody)
    Maya memsaab (Gustav Flaubert's Madam Bovary) [Search a researchgate paper: Colonization of Madam Bovary: Hindi Cinema's Maya Memsaab]
    Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na(Coming of age)
    In which Annie it those ones(You won't find it anywhere, just a 1 minute appearance max)
    Gaja Gamiini(A film by famous painter MF Hussain also about importance of woman)
    Chamatkar(Unofficial remake of Blackbeard's Ghost)
    Ram Jaane(Unofficial remake of Angels with dirty faces)
    Anjaam(unredeemable pyschopath)
    Yes Boss(romantic comedy with a message)
    Raju Ban Gaya Genleman(Underdog story of an engineer in Mumbai).