Blockbuster: Holiday 2014 Hindi Movie 1080p BluRay HD


Holiday 2014 Hindi Movie 1080p BluRay HD

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  1. What the f**k
    Aik comedian police wala or dosra sanki army wala
    Sala love story b chla rha hai sth sth
    Thori si to reality bnti hai boss
    Akshay is a great actor but fuck the director amd wtiter of this movie

  2. Filmi hero…. indian agency is involve in terrorism in Pakistan. ulta chor kutwal ko dantay. india can only be good in films not in real world. Pak army was is and will be great and best

  3. what our government does to these army ppl ?…so dead food and if some one complains via social media hes fired and looking for job now , in usa or other country army are treated like gods

  4. yar villian bahut bakwas hai, height hone se kuch nahi hota kuch acting bi ani chahiye itna yound logon ko lete hoo e1 in force 2 bakwas villian, abhi 12 sal ka hacker ko lelo villian