Blockbuster: Maximum Flop Movies of Bollywood Actresses


Maximum Flop Movies of Bollywood Actresses

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Video details “Maximum Flop Movies of Bollywood Actresses”

These are the Bollywood actresses with Maximum Flop Movies:- 1. Katrina Kaif 2. Kangana Ranaut 3. Kareena Kapoor Khan 4. Deepika Padukone 5. Aishwarya …


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  1. I knew alia is the best.. Her movies aren't flop.. Only 1 movie was flop n that's Shaandar..otherwise her all movies are super duper hitt.. N shraddha 🤣🤣.. So much movies flop.. 🤣🤣.. N it's true she is fading day by day from Bollywood.. I guess her last movie was half girlfriend 🤔.. Haha she don't get any films😂. Btw east or west alia bhatt is the best

  2. First, research properly. Shraddha has done
    1) Teen patti(small role)- Flop.
    2) luv ka tha the end- Flop.
    3) aashiqui-2- blockbuster
    4) ek villian- Super hit.
    5) ABCD-2- Super Hit
    6 Haider- Super Hit.
    7 Baaghi- super hit.
    8) Rock on 2- Flop( cause it was released just after 5 days of demonetisation and still managed to earn almost half of its budget)
    9) Ok jaanu- average( though it earned well but i agree that this film sucks) budget- 270M box-office- 470M)
    10)Half-girlfriend- Hit( yup many believe its flop but Budget- 50cr Box office- approx. 90cr)
    11) Hassena- flop( it earned exactly half of its budget. and i still don't understand why the hell she selected that movie.)
    She got 4 flops, 1 average, 1 hit and 5 super hits. Well, she has upcoming projects which has 100% chance to be hit: Saaho(action), Stree(horror comedy), Batti gul meter chalu(social drama) and saina(biopic of saina nehwal). It is also claimed that she is also signed for shotgun shaadi. All the best shraddhu.

  3. All r good, well dressed, disciplined and and has all the qualities 2 be a actor. Ur information is wrong, totally wrong. I love them all… Alia, Shradha, Parineeti, Deepika, Priyanka, all have outstanding performances. Who agree with me????? Plz like….. Plzz.

  4. Alia's flop movie number 2 😒 .
    Shaandar is alia's one & only flop movie😒😒..I think your information is wrong,,,otherwise plz explain which movie was flop?😒