Blockbuster: Nana Patekars HD full movie Shagird


Nana Patekars HD full movie Shagird

This is about: Nana Patekars HD full movie Shagird. It was uploaded by B CINEMA. On the date 1514417966. Its lengh: 2:14:38 . The number of views: 9673192. The number of likes 24035. Its source Desi Hot video clip : – compiled by Hot Desi website:

Video details “Nana Patekars HD full movie Shagird”

Director: Tigmanshu Dhulia Starring: Nana Patekar, Mohit Ahlawat, Rimi Sen, Anurag Kashyap Genre: Action, Crime, Drama Released on: 13 May 2011 Writer: …


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  1. nana patigar great actor………….love u from pakistan
    very good story like ab tak chapan……
    its All true yhi hamarye molko main hota hai moslty polytices main…
    moive main char k tree k pass jaha car change karty hai waha bss peachy k tyer main hawa bar lety…

  2. Nana Patekar is wayyyyy better than Salman Khan, what is that other khan? forgot his name… or the Kapoors, all stunt men, this is real acting, my best wishes for Nana gee from Pakistan.

  3. Impressed by a Indian movie finally portraying what all Muslims know, terrorists shown as Islamic terrorists are never Islamic or Muslim, first of all Islam does not allow hurting even plants of in case of victory in war, not to hurt anyone who is unarmed and so on, murder or killing has the severest punishment of hell, so even we Muslims wonder who these people are calling selves Muslim and cutting heads? ISIS and Al Qaeda are not Muslim, they have killed more muslims than non muslim, secondly, the war of liberation in Kashmir or by Taliban in Afghanistan must not be confused with terrorism, despite you being on Indian side, but the right to fight for ones rights is enshrined by the UN also, people who have no voice, have no choice, can legitimately target security forces that kill, rape and destroy the peace of the people. True Islam allows self defense, never offense.