Blockbuster: Stop Watching Bollywood Movies – Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan


Stop Watching Bollywood Movies – Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan

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  1. Im a Fan of Urs Mr. Nouman Ali Khan, but I beg to differ on Just this Topic! I'm an Indian citizen, not much of a Patriot though.. Ive watched both Hollywood & Bollywood movies… But, Bollywood Movies are Totally Inspired by Hollywood Movies;
    Which are more Filthier! At least Bollywood does have a Censor Board (a few movies are exceptions)! Even if Hollywood has one, I don't think they have much of a Grasp on Understanding what is appropriate, because women have no Modesty whatsoever! Apart from other Genres, almost all the Hollywood Horror and Thriller movies are Incomplete without Female Nudity!!! At least Bollywood still has their women covered Wayyyyyy more than the Hollywood Movies!!!
    I intend to stop watching Hollywood and Bollywood Movies regardless! In Sha Allah!!!

  2. yeah how are all terrorists Muslim… Pakistanis are destroying​ families and lives every day.
    Pakistanis have killed so many innocent children and families!
    How can you even day such things?
    Have you even given a thought to why does every other country in this world despises Pakistan!
    You know what man FUCK YOU.
    And it's people like you who're making this worse.
    I've seen so many Pakistanis online who've actually understood this and made sense in this global crisis.

  3. Watching bollywood films is haram just like music is. We shall all listen to what our creator Allah has told us to do be more faithful in islam and not watch films for entertainment pleasure, surely not bollywood, or hollywood..

  4. Man, enough of your shit! Indian movies never ever promoted pornography. Hollywood movies are pioneers of those. You're putting down the name of your religion by being such an asshole of a religious speaker. Indian movies have more emotional content and divinity than any film industry I've known. Blame hollywood if you have to blame movies. I was just coming round to the opinion that you actually be could be a good Muslim speaker. But this video just blew it all. Your words are nothing short of a LOAD of SHIT.

  5. My most ❤favourite❤ Islamic channels are:
    1.   Merciful Servant
    2.   Islamic Guidance
    3.   The Daily Reminder (TDR)
    4.   Dr. Zakir Naik
    5.   TheProphetsPaths
    6.   ILovUAllah
    7.   Muslim Speakers
    8.   The Silent Repenter
    9.   Talk Islam
    10. FreeQuranEducation

  6. Movies depends in my opinion. If your watching a film (Bollywood/Hollywood) which has got kissing and sex scenes then you should not watch them or watch a version that doesn't have those scenes. Movies like Bajrangi Bhaijaan, I don't see anything haram in them. I have a similar opinion on music too, its really bothering me how everyone is just talking about the bad music with disgusting lyrics, they don't look at the music which has good lyrics and a good message to give.

  7. assalamualimum
    i Was addicted at tv seriel.fallowed 16 differentialekvationer,enghlish,swedish, bangla och Indien. i missade my Salah, sleep and qurane. my life Was mess so.much drama. i stopped for test one week two year ago on ramadan for read qurane complite and i thourd i had centoll, but i Was so Hard. With dua and Mercy from allha i started Wach islamic legsure and qurane translation. i been free and peace of mind i stopped allso nonsens romantic musik. May allha guide and bless all freedom from those movie,just look at There life so sad. i hav bigger plan, be With in this life With allha swt in next meet allha swt.
    so try let go a week, May allha make it Easy
    ameen 💚💞

  8. Why so much emphasis on girls and women all the time in Islam. It is the Muslim men watching all the porn and hanging out at night clubs. I think you need to put the chains on them and not the women. Strange religion.

  9. Indian movies? We shouldn't even be watching Pakistani movies let alone Indian. Now the Pakistani film industry is competing with Indian film industry with their filth. Women dancing with non mahrams with their bodies exposed… May Allah protect us from this fitnah.