Blockbuster: Top 10 Bollywood Movies That Are Way Too Upsetting To Watch Twice (2000s)


Top 10 Bollywood Movies That Are Way Too Upsetting To Watch Twice (2000s)

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Video details “Top 10 Bollywood Movies That Are Way Too Upsetting To Watch Twice (2000s)”

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  1. Devdas for me I was able to watch countless of times. I do have that movie on dvd. I always did thought that Shahrukh did his best acting ever in that movie. Well that and Om Shanti Om. Which is another movie of his I have on dvd. But what about Mohabbatein? I also have that movie on dvd. And that whole scene with Shahrukh playing that drum. While the song Mohabbatein is being sung. Always bring on the tears for me. Which explains why I haven't seen that movie in quite a few years or so. But I do definitely agree with you about Black. Rani and Amitabh were both amazing in that movie. I only ever saw that movie once though.

  2. This is only for those who couldn't relate to the depression in Devdas: No hate comments plz:

    Devdas is a tragedy of the lead character and self-destruction in love. Havent you seen Bajirao Masatani? Asoka(briefly)? If you couldn't feel pity for the character in the movie, you should read the book. He just completed his education in London but feels insecure and cannot relate to any of his family members. No one wants to understand him and everyone is selfish. They are rich but money does not matter to him. He loves Paro very much. But he gives in to his father's wishes and denies Paro for marrying when they are clearly in love. He realizes his mistake and regrets not going against his father and making a confident decision based on what he really wants. Also Paro feels or is told that the marriage is not possible because of the difference in their social echelon. Devdas doesn't believe in discriminating like this but still says no. Later he takes part in Paro's marriage himself and lifts her carriage and sends her away. He feels he has no purpose now, the only person he felt connected was gone and there was nobody else he really liked in his family. He takes to alcohol and attends courts where he meets a courtisan or prostitute ChandraMukhi. She loves him immensely and Devdas realizes this. But still he can't forget the regret of letting Paro marry someone else and not taking a stand against his family. So Chandramukhi means nothing to him, so he finally just spirals down and down with alcohol thinking that he doesnt belong anywhere, he is a loser, a coward and nobody likes him. He only thinks of Jackie Shroff's character as someone close to him but even he couldn't save him from his internal tragedy. It is that regret of not having said certain things and not having done certain things in his life that leads to Devdas' ultimate demise. At the point of his death, he just wants to look at Paro just once so that he can tell her. But gates close and he dies. With all the regret and guilt. That's the tragedy of Devdas.

  3. I am noticing a pattern here. You are posting video with same topic (but with Bollywood movies),what watchmojo channel posts a while earlier. I mean its fine ..just curious to know if you follow watchmojo too.