Blockbuster: Top 10 Worst Bollywood Movie Directors


Top 10 Worst Bollywood Movie Directors

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Video details “Top 10 Worst Bollywood Movie Directors”

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  1. Kanti shah is a legend man 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    The dialogues that he gave us are unparallel

    Mera naam hai bula, rakhta hun khulllaaaaaa ……… That dialogue still slays 😂😂👌

  2. Agree with number 1- MSG's movies are a shit product, isn't even "unintentionally funny" like Deshdrohi or Jaani Dushman.

    As such…. Dil, Beta, Raja were below average?? They were all good hits on 90's. Dil particularly was a super success.

  3. Dont do this kind of act because u hv over 200k subs and u should know what u do is really watched by many people so please give an accurate information and never do this kind of shit. U hv told many things true but few r really false so better hv an accurate information .