Hot Hindi: Hindi Short Film – Minki | Mother and Daughter Reunited


Hindi Short Film – Minki | Mother and Daughter Reunited

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Video details “Hindi Short Film – Minki | Mother and Daughter Reunited”

Minki is a story of a housemaid and her daughter, this short film tells about how poverty and innocence lead the small girl, Minki, to commit a crime. To come over …


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  1. This short filmmakers are a bunch of filtered idiots. One boys steals. A girl copies him. Her mother goes to prison. Boy and girl both steal again. One goes to prison to meet her mother and the other looks at her without knowing what is going on. So the message from this short film is that, stealing is the ultimate solution. In a good short film, the girl would have studied hard to become a IPS officer or a lawyer and reforms a criminal arrested for burglary. That criminal is the boy. The worse thing is that some people seem to think that this is a nice concept. What did the boy and girl achieve in their life in this story?

  2. omg!मेरे तीन फोन चोरी हो चुके हैं ।अब समझ में आई बात ।a good film with a good story. little boy's acting is better than girl. move move 💜💕💗💞😊