Hot Hindi: I Sold my wife | Hindi Short Film | Lodi Film |


I Sold my wife | Hindi Short Film | Lodi Film |

That is about: I Sold my wife | Hindi Short Film | Lodi Film |. It was posted by LodiFilms Hindi. On the date 1513614912. Its lengh: 15:25 . The number of views: 4713054. The number of likes 15117. Its source Desi Players Review : – compiled by Hot Desi website:

Video details “I Sold my wife | Hindi Short Film | Lodi Film |”

One day when I saw her on my bed with her boyfriend that day was her Birthday, Frustrated and Angry then I took a decision,to take revenge on my cheating wife, For More Latest Movies Please…


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  1. Jinko ye story theek lag rahi hai wo zara ek baat ka jawab de :

    Poore India me lakho husbands apni wife se chupake doosri aurto ke sath sex karte hain, aur apni wives pe physical violence bhi karte hain.
    Aese husabands ko kya punishment milni chahiye?

  2. 1. People liking and supporting act of the husband in the story are clearly criminal minded and promoting criminal tendency in men.
    2. If what this husband did in this story is right, then there are lacs of husbands in India who cheat their wives and are never satisfied with them and they not just keep scolding their wives but also physically abuse them, so should those wives sell those husbands to some other women or to some gay porn industry?
    3. Crimes are crimes and can never be justified. If you find your partner unfaithful then leave them divorce them but in no case you have any right to commit and justify a heinous crime.
    4. Woman who agreed to work in such a story should be answerable to public, how can she work in such a story? Does she think its ok to sell your wife to other men if she'll disloyal and is not satisfied with her husband. Will the same be applied to men?
    4. This video will only increase criminal tendency in men