Hot Hindi: Tamil Gay Short Flim – Eyal | LGBT


Tamil Gay Short Flim – Eyal | LGBT

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Video details “Tamil Gay Short Flim – Eyal | LGBT”

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  1. Hi..just felt like sharing this here.. I organized a debate in my class 3 days back. The students were from class 7,8 and 9. The topic that I gave them was "Homosexual couples should be allowed to raise kids".
    I was so surprised that all the students spoke for "yes" except for two boys. The students in the "yes" team spoke so well saying that all kids deserve love, all kids deserve a home, the kids of such parents grow up to be more open minded, stronger, respect others feelings, the kids don't end up being a threat to the society etc etc…..
    I was very happy to see the younger generation speak so positively with an open mind about things that is still seen as a taboo by most of us in the present generation.

  2. I guess vijay sethupathy has dubbed for arjun's character… Thank u so much VS…
    Simple and clear short film…
    Especially i love the following lines: Its our life, we will manage..
    Congrats to the team…

  3. Nalla karutthukal solli short flims yedunga don't encourage these types of relations it will send a worng info…it's late already send. Youth era'ku nal vazhi kaatunga ada vittu…western culture apply seinji seinji naadu nasammaei poei kadakku. First there was thirunangaei, and comes boys-boys and comes girls-girls after comes both, ippo children mela then what man-animals' a.! It's not a deffect of chromosomes or DNA its the deffected sexual needs. Naa ippo sonnadu people will think that I am talking without knowledge, but what I said is true, ask any docs or any scientists it will be the answer.

  4. This short film was mentioned & Appreciated in "the Hindu " Tamil newspaper Sunday edition 3 or 4 weeks before. Since that I was searching it in you tube & couldn't find this short film. A Well needed & Bold registered short film for upcoming Social changes. And a big 👏👏👌for behindwoods for uploading this short film.