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  1. I'm saying this b'coz I have got the correct platform to do so. To all the people who are saying that Jaby doesn't got 'the lines' of the vedio : Here, AIB is showing the 'male chauvinism ' behavior that is embedded ON camera as well as BEHIND camera with the MEDIUM of some experiences of the actress. Having said that Jaby has got the point in fact with far more details of this video than expected but most of you are trolling him by saying that he didn't get the useless gags that was thrown on the actress by the indicated male directors and actors, which is not at all the objective here. Unfortunately, media is also saying that the actress is attacking Salman, Hrithik etc only for thier TV channels' TRPs ,they didn't even considered at least one time to address the serious issue that AIB have addressed here ! That same thing people are saying in the comments . So don't pay any attention to that comments Jaby b'coz we loved your rxn, it is truly worthy to watch.

  2. Just to clarify I am not talking about their serious case or the other thing thats going on i am just talking about nepotism. Now that said imagine you are successful ceo or software engineer or business man/women something……. now as you are already successful in the field, you know how it works, the first instinct of you for you children would be to recommend him same, again not force but try to recommend…. if the child likes it and gets good at it then their parents can guide them successfully i don't understand that just because hrithik was launched by his dad and bcoz of him no others are getting any chances i think that's untrue, besides really think for once, do you think hrithik has no talent and he is just surviving on the name of his father? after launching if he had no talent his films wouldn't work slowly he would have to get out but the amount of hard work hrithik puts in his films? (am not comparing him to others) you think he doesn't deserve to be in the industry? he has proven himself again and again that he has talent.

  3. And common guys let's be honest here… You are not trying to give them a voice, they are just "eye candy" With an exception of achara (bcuz she's asian) somewhat understands what's going on in the movies

  4. Dear achara its not a serious issue, it's just portrayed that way….
    The so called voice of feminism in india that is – Kangana ranaut (the actress in the video) did a movie called Revolver Rani full of action and violence.. It bombed box office, cuz most people in India don't buy it.. Same happened with many other action movies with a female lead in it…
    It's not a serious issue it's just that we don't see a woman fighting 15 men and kicking their ass as something believable