Nonstop: Bollywood Songs Copied from Indian Regional Language Songs


Bollywood Songs Copied from Indian Regional Language Songs

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Video details “Bollywood Songs Copied from Indian Regional Language Songs”

Today I have mentioned Some bollywood Songs Which have been copied from local regional language Songs 1. Naughty Naughty : De dana Dan Original …


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  1. I request you to explore one of Radharaman Dutta’s Bengali song VROMOR KOYO GIYA copied and popularized in Ujbekistan/ Kazakstan/ afganistan/Romania in recent time. Radharaman Dutta (1833-1915) was a citizen of un-partitioned British India. He was an Indian lyricist and music composer. His songs are still popular within Bengali community. I have seen some Video posted in youtube and convinced that his music have been copied by other country’s music composers. Please explore and if seems convincing to you please make an episode for that long forgotten musical genius of our country.

  2. Bollybood movie mahua song "Dono ne kiya tha pyar magar" bhi ek punjabi folk song se churaya gaya tha. Us punjabi song ki dhun ''maine tere liye re jag chhoda tu mujhko chhod chali" se suru thi.

  3. 70's era me Ek bundelkhandi folk song tha "kaise bani kaise bani silota bina chatni kaise bani" is song ko bahut jagah copy kiya gaya. purvanchal me, bhojpuri me, abdhi me. Ye us time me bollywood me bhi copy kiya gaya. Male Singer babla aur female singer kanchan ne bhi ye song copy kiya. Iske baad 90's era me udit narayan ne govinda starer movie kismat me bhi copy kiya lekin iske lyrics change karke. "Kaise hua kaise hua hua ye hungama kaise hua"

  4. Ha ha Bollywood can do only one thing copy copy and only copy. But they don't mention the real Creator's name even, big shame. Nowadays few bengali new film makers are also doing the same thing.

  5. this channel is better than other channel showing copied songs as it does it without disrespecting any one.It gives credit to everybody and also reminds us that the music directors who have copied these songs have also made some phenomenal songs.

  6. About "Ankhiyon se goli maare" song Manoj tiwari once told about it in a show.When Dulhe raja released and he heard the song,he went along with munna singh ji to the filmmakers but they didn't even let them enter because bhojpuri industry wasn't that big and popular. Even though Manoj tiwari was quite a popular t-series bhojpuri singer at the time.
    Thanks brother for giving Munna ji credit!👌👍💐

    Can't thank you enough from bhojpuri side.🙏

    if you read it