Nonstop: How To Bollywood Dance Moves – Chammak Challo


How To Bollywood Dance Moves – Chammak Challo

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Video details “How To Bollywood Dance Moves – Chammak Challo”

Looking for the perfect dance for an upcoming Ladies Sangeet ? Learn the complete choreography for Chammak Challo steps of Kareena Kapoor from movie …


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  1. Yours is probably the only tutorial where you have explained the whole thing in an easy to understand way. Please do use a mic for recording your voice so that it is clear, since on a mobile it matters more. Thanks.

  2. if u r indian then why u trying to show that u don't know hindi , infact people like u just think that being a ''bhartiy'' is sham-full but how disgusting it is. i can write these things in hindi but i know that shit people like u can't understand hindi, wake up accept that u r bhartiy .

  3. I am also and indian dancer and what i do observe is that ur not dressed as how u should and also when i am danceing i sometimes dance
    Half of the song but its only when u change tunes u do it but u dance the same song without changing the tunes and still u only dance piece but the dance was amazing

  4.  It's a really good effort. steps 1,2,3,4 are very much like the video accept you need to move your hips more. The 5th step and main steps are not like that hun.There's a whole new thing you have added at 'Atuna nakhareh di kha' which is not in the actual steps. There is no sway. Also in the main step your hips should move a lot more left and right walking backwards and your hands are in the wrong place babe. they should be moving. after that you have missed out a move here of moving hands fast as though you are pulling ropes towards you and making circles at the same time.and body kinda doing a roll at the same time too. Watch the video again u'll see what I mean. 🙂