Nonstop: Raag Yaman and Bollywood songs


Raag Yaman and Bollywood songs

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  1. Trust me, I was searching for music types for upsc videos, ur videos have proved informative and I m actually enjoying reading Indian culture… PS.. In love 😍 with ur voice and ur way of speaking and ur beauty.

  2. Hello Anuja
    I'm learning hindustani sangeet from two years. My teacher tells to sing in open voice. Do u also sing in open voice . Ur voice is very melodious .Amazingly explained. Thank you

  3. अनुजा आप का ये एपिसोड मुझे बहोत ही पसंद आया आप वाकही बहोत अच्छे से समझाती हे और आपके अगले एपिसोड की बेसबरीसे इंतजार है

  4. Thanks, Anuja-ji. I fell madly in love with Yaman/Yaman Kalyan/Kalyani 44 years ago and it's awesome to hear you talk so feelingly, so evocatively about the contours of this sensational raag, whether it's a khayal or a Tyagaraja kriti…. or a Rafi song. I would love to have many more treatises from you on Yaman alone! Superb, and keep up the great work, ma.

  5. Thanks a lot mam… Mai aapse apni ek problem share krna chahta hu ki mai pehle bhot acha gata tha bhot acha glaa chlta tha mera but ab fassne lgaa hai pehle se zyada effort lagana padta hai.. Please help mam.

  6. Such a nice information ! Can you pick any raag (may be Yaman again) and try to compose any song within limitations and rules of particular raag. So that, we can understand how music composers work with raag 🙂 Forgive me if its stupid demand :p

  7. One more great video !! Keep it up !!
    How long does it take for a beginner ( Its almost a year since I started learning classical music now) to get to know the notations just by hearing a song , instead of trying it out on an instrument!!
    Please discuss this, I am eager to get to know your views on this one !!